Tyres & Accessories Magazine October 2021

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The integration of online and physical tyre business

During the heights of pandemic-related disruption in 2020, online pre-sale research and tyre retail surged. This has resulted in additional strategic movements such as acquisitions in the online tyre space. The questions such moves seek to answer are: How does the market integrate online tyre business with the physical supply and fitting of tyres? And what roles to manufacturers, wholesalers and tyre retailers have to play in this? October’s edition of Tyres & Accessories takes a look at the online tyre business in order to address these questions and more.

Tyre Wholesale

After the more obviously present problems in the UK tyre distribution segment in 2020, hopes we may have had of a more positive 2021 market have not necessarily been entirely fulfilled. On the one hand, replacement tyre markets are recovering reasonably well, so demand has to a large extent returned. On the other is the “Long Covid” headwind of a continued incline in shipping costs and related supply issues from East Asian tyre suppliers, as well as raw materials-based price hikes on tyres in general. Add to this the implications of Brexit and the complexity of the current task for wholesalers selling into the UK becomes clear. Tyres & Accessories looks at the sector in more detail in the October issue.

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