Tyres & Accessories Magazine November 2021

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Tyre servicing equipment

In the September issue, we took a look at how quickly the trend towards electric car ownership is making it necessary to ensure that garages are ready to meet the particular tyre service demands of this market. In November, our focus turns to the machinery and equipment used to conduct this work. The interest is clear, as these vehicles contain not just novel technology, but are also at the forefront of the trend towards increasingly complex in-vehicle systems. Innovation in the field is not limited to the EV sector of course; the growth of ADAS supported by legislation and the enthusiasm of car-makers for rolling out new technology is a well-documented trend, and the independent sector is having to react to ensure it can continue to offer a full range of services. Tyres & Accessories finds out the latest from suppliers in this field in the November issue.

4×4 tyres

While SUV registrations have grown to account for a sizeable chunk of the UK total and sales of SUV tyres continue to head north in line with this trend, dedicated off-road 4×4 tyres remain a niche market, albeit an important one. Tyres & Accessories is turning its attention to these products in November and will look at tyres for the back country as well as the school run.

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