Omni United sending 20,000 masks to UK, Italy and Germany

Singapore-based tyre designer and distributor Omni United has enacted a Covid-19 Assistance initiative, which includes sending over 20,000 protective masks to its business partners in Europe for them to use and/or distribute in their local communities. The team at Omni United is also researching and compiling a database of all governmental financial and fiscal help that is available and some guidance on how to access it as many small business owners may find it difficult to find the information and the practical ways to avail these benefits.

According to Omni United, this will be done for every country where Omni has operations. The programme and this database can be accessed by clicking this link: COVID-19 Assistance.

In addition, GS Sareen, president and CEO, Omni United wrote the following open letter to business partners and customers:

“To our Omni community of colleagues, business associates, customers, friends,
We are going through one of the worst times in memory, facing an unprecedented situation. The world has been gripped by the COVID-19, which has
brought life as-we-know-it to a standstill, in many places almost to a stop.

“Right now, more than ever, it is important that we all realise that we are one people, one world, we are all in this together. A virus has no nationality, and it does not discriminate, affecting many independently of their skin colour, gender, age and nationality. It is time we fight this menace as one society and one human race.

“I live in Singapore, a small country of 6 million people, where Omni’s global headquarters is located. We have passed through the worst of Coronavirus and we are safe. Whilst this has been extremely hard, the outbreak here was relatively manageable, given the small size of our country and the swift actions of our government. However, we owe our success to our business associates, located in over 90 countries throughout the world.
“One of our company’s core values is giving back to society and we have tried to contribute in any small way we could whenever a natural calamity or a disaster
has hit a country where we have any business partners. This has been our way of conveying our gratitude to our customers and business partners in that country and of sending the message that we stand together. At this time, we are deeply concerned about our fellow citizens of this world and about their well-being.

“We hear in the news that protective surgical masks are not available in many places, particularly not available for medical and health care providers. We are sure local governments are working hard and doing all they can to address this shortage, but we are also willing to contribute: We are sending thousands of protective masks to our patrons and business partners for them to use and distribute in their local communities.

“We applaud the efforts that governments are making in providing relief to this unprecedented situation via financial and fiscal support. Confusion, however, remains and many small business owners may find it difficult to find the information and the practical ways to avail these benefits. I have asked my team to research and compile a database with all governmental help that is available and some guidance on how to access it, which we hope is useful for you and your customers to navigate these difficult times. We will do this for every country in which we have operations.

“….Life will be difficult in the following weeks, but I am confident that we as people, working together, we will win this unprecedented battle and win quick.”

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