NTDA: MOTs are central to vehicle safety

Following the news that cars, motorcycles and vans will begin being exempted from MOTs from 30 March 2020 (on a six-month rolling basis) for the next 12 months, the NTDA has affirmed the importance of the MOT. However, NTDA chief executive Stefan Hay also sought to bring some detail and nuance to the discussion.

“….the MOT is extremely important as for some motorists it is the only time an expert is inspecting the vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy…. In fact tyres factor very highly in both MOT failure and in the advisories issued, so we do hope this current situation is not a long-term or open-ended exemption scenario.

“However, a lot of people who are currently following the Government’s guidance on remaining at home and who are only leaving their houses to purchase food etc may have found themselves ‘forced’ to take their vehicle to have an MOT in order for their vehicle to remain legal.

“The practicality of this for people who now have all of their children at home, or who are supposed to be totally self-isolating as they are considered of high medical risk, had to be managed so as a temporary measure, the Government’s decision seems sensible.

Garages provide an essential service

Addressing the range of opinions aired online relating to the continued opening of garages, Stefan Hay added:

“….The fact of the matter is, now more than ever before, we are relying on our transport systems to keep Britain moving and supplied.

“….We need trucks on the road delivering food, medicine and other medical supplies such as ventilators and face masks. We need delivery vans on the road, further distributing that food and medicine in the community to those who are now totally isolated.

“We need the police and other emergency workers to have reliable vehicles too and those teachers and other school staff who are keeping the schools open for the children of key workers. All over the UK, NTDA members are working and responding to that need and yesterday alone, three NTDA members shared incidents with me where their mobile services had responded to call outs for NHS staff with car problems.

“We need Doctors, Nurses other NHS workers and care workers to have reliable vehicles to get to and from work and we need ambulances on the road.

“The Government has recognised the essential services our members provide and that is why Garages are exempt from closure so currently this should not be up for debate, especially when it is fueled by people who are famous for being loud and contribute nothing essential or of any genuine value to society.”


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