Restructuring within Tatneft tyre business

Tatneft reports that structural changes have been implemented in its Kama Tyres tyre manufacturing business. The Russian company reports that its OOO Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyres Factory has now joined together with the OOO Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory. It says the aim of this change is to improve the efficiency of the company’s petrochemical production process management system.

This latest restructuring follows previous measures, such as a closer collaboration between OOO Tatneft-Neftekhimsnab, an operation that provides inventory items for PJSC Tatneft’s tyre production, with the OOO Kama Trading House. Separately, the JSC Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod enterprise has been incorporated in Tatneft’s ‘Oil and Gas Processing’ business area structure.

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