Michelin TPMS light fleet system offers peace of mind for towing solutions

Towing Solutions has praised the Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System Light Fleet as offering 'ultimate peace of mind' during its trailer towing training courses

Cheshire-based Towing Solutions has praised the Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System Light Fleet a year after it was fitted as offering “ultimate peace of mind” during its trailer towing training courses. The system, developed by Wheely-Safe, is currently fitted to two different specification trailers towed by the firm’s Hyundai Tucson, with the aim to introduce the system across the remaining two trailers and two caravans in the fleet.

Nigel Lea, managing director at Towing Solutions, says: “Our business is all about teaching people how to safely tow trailers, and it’s extremely important we don’t suffer a tyre failure while conducting courses.

“These two trailers run on a single axle, so if one tyre loses pressure rapidly that can have serious consequences. Although we haven’t experienced any tyre issues since fitting the Michelin TPMS Light Fleet system, it gives us the ultimate peace of mind that should a pressure issue occur, we’ll be alerted to it quickly and before it becomes unsafe.”

Michelin TPMS Light Fleet is a retrofit tyre pressure management system suitable for use on all makes of car, van, minibus, small trailer and light plant operating on any brand of tyres with pressures from 22 – 86 psi. Its patented “search and assign” technology allows Towing Solutions to hook up to any trailer with the sensors fitted, and move sensors between different wheel positions, without any reprogramming of the receiver required.

Towing Solutions also utilises the Wheely-Safe-supplied contactless tyre pressure checker which displays the exact pressure via the digital readout, when held next to the sensor. The windscreen-mounted receiver provides early low-pressure warnings via a flashing icon every 20 seconds as soon as a tyre on the vehicle or trailer becomes under-inflated by 15 per cent. An audible alert is added when the pressure either drops by 25 per cent, or should the tyre be over-inflated by 35 per cent or more. For fast leakage (at least 2 psi per minute), all icons flash in addition to a beeping alarm, alerting the driver to pull over. A flashing light on the relevant TPMS sensor will then indicate the affected tyre position, allowing the tyre to be re-inflated.

Established 17 years ago, Towing Solutions is an IMI Awards approved centre and is the official training provider for the National Trailer & Towing Association.

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