Park Safety Fix: Safe lighting for trailers or semitrailers

When decoupling a trailer from the towing vehicle and parking it, the power supply for the lighting system is generally cut off and only the reflectors are left to provide evidence of its presence at night, which can naturally present a danger to other road users.

To combat this problem, Hella, the lighting and electronics expert, has together with commercial vehicle trailer manufacturer, Hüffermann Transportsysteme, developed an independent battery-supported power source – the Park Safety Fix (PS-Fix) – that enables the illumination of the trailer’s lights, without it being connected to a towing vehicle.

The PS-Fix is a ‘Plug and Play’ solution that can be effortlessly integrated into the wiring of the existing Hella EasyConn lighting system. At its core is an electronics box, which is able to operate the lighting in the trailer’s decoupled state. The control unit and battery packs are integrated into a 30 x 22 x 20 cm box that is mounted onto the vehicle’s side.

Whenever the trailer is coupled to the towing vehicle however, the PS-Fix system becomes inactive and the lights can then only be controlled via the towing vehicle. While in this state, without the need of additional connection, the towing vehicle’s power supply charges the batteries within the PS-Fix.

The PS-Fix is only activated when the power supply from the towing vehicle is interrupted, with the switches for the individual lighting functions of the trailer situated inside, which users can then activate to illuminate the necessary parking and hazard warning lights, for example. Two AUX connections allow for additional devices, such as work lights or beacons, which ensure the safe loading and unloading of the trailer.

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