Kal Tire wins Electra Mining Africa award

Kal Tire’s Gravity Assist System (GAS) recently received top honours in the category of International Mechanical and Technology Innovation, mainly for its simplicity and effectiveness.

The average mining tyre has a lot of lug nuts. Until now, support for the hefty 36-kilogram torque gun came through the sheer brawn of the tyre technician. Today, the GAS essentially renders the activity and the torque gun ‘weightless,’ making the process safer, more efficient and precise. The system reduces common risks associated with torque gun tasks, including pinched fingers, muscle strain and fatigue.

“When I reviewed the Gravity Assist System, I was taken aback at not only the simplicity of the machine, but how robust and effective it will be for tyre technicians on mine sites,” says Eric Bruggeman, CEO SA Capital Equipment Export Council and judge of all the products. “For decades these technicians have been suffering injuries and strains related to managing very heavy tools, the GAS is one of those things that makes you say, ‘Why hasn’t this been invented before?’”

“There were many factors that contributed to Kal Tire winning this award,” says Bruggeman. “I looked at the safety aspect, the cost, the innovation, but it was also Peter Nilsson’s knowledge and passion for what they developed that I found very impressive.”

Early in 2016, the Gravity Assist System also received an award from a leading international mining magazine. Kal Tire’s Innovation Centre in Canada has now created several exclusive and patented products that have been launched and field-tested in Canada, South America, Australia and Africa.


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