UK car theft rate up 57 per cent

In the UK, car theft has increased by 57 per cent over the past year, with criminals using more sophisticated techniques to override security measures. With modern cars often now equipped with keyless entry, there is a growing issue of keyless theft, where criminals use so-called relay devices to trick cars into thinking the legitimate key is nearby.

Last year was the worst year on record since 2012, with 89,000 vehicles stolen and nearly 200,000 attempted vehicle thefts in the UK. As a result, traditional security methods are becoming more popular as a way to protect cars.

Once solution is Supra UK’s Car Key Keyless Entry Signal Blocker, a security pouch for storing keyless entry car fobs when a vehicle is not in use, which blocks any radio frequency enabled technology to give car owners security and peace of mind. Made from a weave of silver, copper and nickel, the shield acts as a barrier for your keys’ signal, meaning relay devices cannot be used to trigger the key into communicating with the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to unlock or start the car.

Commenting on the launch of the Car Key Keyless Entry Signal Blocker, David Ogden, managing director of Supra UK, said: “The statistics around vehicle theft are worrying, and although the automotive industry has worked hard to improve security measures, rapid advancements in modern technology can lead to new security vulnerabilities.

The Car Key Keyless Entry Signal Blocker, retails at £19.99.

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