Weird driving laws from around the world

Don’t even think about buffing your car with used underwear in San Francisco!

We’ve all heard of humourous laws, relics of bygone days – the fact that it is illegal for MPs to wear armour in parliament and for anyone to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances immediately spring to mind. But did you know that there are a fair few bizarre motoring laws in different countries around the world? undertook research that looked at some of the interesting – if not bizarre – laws that could see you in court, resulting in fines or even prison including the forbidden use of cleaning your car with used underwear!

  • Switzerland: You are not allowed to wash your car on a Sunday; otherwise you’ll end up in court
  • Russia: In Moscow, you can be fined for having a dirty car
  • France: It is law to carry your own breathalyser
  • Denmark: Before getting in your car, it is law to check underneath your vehicle for children
  • Germany: It is illegal to breakdown on the main motorway (Autobahn)
  • Cyprus: You are not allowed to eat or drink anything whilst driving
  • South Africa: Motorists face a large fine if they do not stop or slow down for animals
  • China: It is illegal to STOP for pedestrians!
  • Japan:  The law here states you must not splash a pedestrian with water or mud from the roads
  • Thailand: Men and women are forbidden to drive topless, no matter what type of transport you are using
  • Philippines: You are forbidden to drive on a Monday IF your number plate ends with a 1 or 2

But it’s the American states that have some of the most bizarre laws, like an unoccupied vehicle cannot exceed a 60mph speed limit.

  • San Francisco: It is illegal here to dry or buff your car with USED underwear
  • Tennessee: You cannot shoot an animal from your car in this state, unless it’s a whale
  • Alaska: It is against the law here to tie a dog to the roof of your car
  • Minnesota: You cannot cross state lines with a duck on your head
  • Alabama: It is illegal to drive blindfolded
  • Massachusetts: It is illegal here to drive with a gorilla on the backseat of your car but you can put them in the front
  • Florida: If you park an elephant in a parking bay, you must buy a ticket
  • Denver: You are not allowed to drive black cars on a Sunday
  • Maine: You can’t park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts store
  • Michigan: You are not permitted to sit in your car reading a newspaper on a public road
  • Kentucky: It is illegal here to let your pet molest your vehicle
  • Illinois: You cannot change clothing in your car, unless you can pull curtains. Or unless the car is on fire!
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