Tyre Intelligence Europe data platform development gathers pace

Technical delivery lead Shaun Keevil (right) working through the TIE platform design with consultant Kevin Glynn (left)

The new Tyre Intelligence Europe data platform is developing quickly, with 132 UK tyre sales locations incorporated by mid-February. Data is structured to distinguish clearly between consumer, van and 4×4 – delineating between retail and wholesale sources – an approach that also applies to truck and bus tyre sales.

“There is high interest from the dealer base concerning pricing and, accordingly, we are able to strip out linked sales lines such as valves, balances and disposal in order to define the true and correct tyre sale price,” says spokesperson Shaun Keevil – technical delivery lead. “The platform is now housing 2.65m transaction lines which represent just over £1.3m invoices.”

“The speed performance of this platform is nothing short of astonishing,” comments consultant to the Tyre Intelligence Europe project, Kevin Glynn. “The platform was able to process nearly 2.7 million transaction lines from the various data sources in only three minutes! This represents a game changer in the ability to disseminate industry data in a timeframe that is acceptable for proactive marketing and business planning purposes.”

Steve Daly, spokesperson for Tyre Intelligence Europe says: “Most of the regional and independent dealers who have in the past made their data available to the industry have also signed up to be “sharers” with Tyre Intelligence Europe. But perhaps what is more encouraging is the number of new contributors that have additionally signed up to the platform. There is clearly an appetite for a new approach to tyre data dissemination in the industry. People want to know what is going on in their regions of operation in a timely manner so that it can serve as a true Executive Information reference. TIE is currently signing a new dealer sharer every other day.”


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