Hoosier launches gravel rally tyre

Thursday 24th November 2016 | 0 Comments


Hoosier has launched a new line of gravel rally tyres. According to the company, the tyres were in development for two years and were tested and raced at stages in the US, UK and South Africa. Indeed, they have already earned approval from the Motor Sport Association of the UK, according to Hoosier.

Made with an asymmetrical tread design, the tyre delivers performance in soft and loose surfaces. Design features include moulded tread sipes that aid in traction and braking.

The tire’s construction features strengthened sidewalls and moulded rubber sidewall protectors built to protect against accidental impact.

Initially available in size 205/65 R15 and three compounds, the tyre will be offered in two more sizes during 2017 via Hoosier’s distributors.

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