Omni expanding mud terrain range

Omni United is expanding its Renegade R7 M/T range. An additional nine sizes have been added to the existing range, taking the total to 23 outline white letter sizes. This range is designed to fit most SUVs and light trucks and is suitable for vehicles with lift-kits.

The Renegade R7 M/T is a mud terrain offering from Radar that is aimed at “the serious off-road enthusiast who is looking for a tyre that not only looks rugged and tough but also offers enhanced durability on mud, harsh gravel and rocks”. It also delivers good traction in deep mud, sand and snow. This next generation range was launched in September 2015 and is a culmination of several years of research and development preparing for, and competing in the off-road motorsports arena.

One of the unique features of this tyre is the BAJA race inspired Stone-Ejector-Technology. The tyres come with a raised nub between the tread blocks that actively deforms when the tyre is rotating, opening, closing and then releasing as the tyre goes through the contact patch.

“The R7 offers a unique value proposition of a rugged design and high durability at a value price point. We will continue to expand this range so that we can make this tire available to as many enthusiasts as possible,” said GS Sareen, founder and CEO, Omni United.

In addition to the nine, an additional 7 sizes are planned for launch in December 2016. New sizes include: 285/65R18, 275/65R20, 315/60R20, 37X12.50R20, 37X13.50R20, 33X12.50R22, 35X12.50R22, 37X12.50R22, 37X13.50R22

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