Encircle Marketing launches new website and reporting centre

After 20 months of development and two delayed launches, Encircle Marketing has rolled-out the first phase of its new corporate website and reporting centre.

According to the company, the completely re-built corporate site coupled with user login portal, gives Encircle a fresh and modern look after eight years of reporting to the tyre industry.

The new system features a bespoke/self-designed user dashboard with notifications on price movement, promotional activity, dealer recommendation and mystery shopping performance. This allows Encircle customers to understand all key metrics on one page without having to access different sections or log in and out, of different portals.

In addition, a continuous monitoring system automatically alerts clients to key movements and changes such as a new promotion, a red flagged outlet, new product tracking, new website monitoring and much more.

Furthermore, for those customers buying across all or some of the 14 countries that Encircle audit, users can track prices seamlessly and report in over 10 key currencies.

Encircle representatives report that other developments are planned for future phases of the site as Encircle looks to provide data in “an exciting and interactive format” to the company’s clients.

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