‘Budget soft-roaders’ most popular in used car market, says Glass’s

The growing popularity of 100 per cent road-going SUVs and CUVs is a recurring theme for Tyres & Accessories, and the latest report from Glass’s suggests that the used car market is increasingly amenable to some of the less lauded names in this field. Budget “soft-roaders”, as they are categorised in the survey, from less fashionable manufacturers are dominating the used car market – with four out of five vehicles in the Glass’s Hot Five of the fastest selling models in February falling into this category. Top of the pile is the Dacia Sandero Stepway – one of two cars from Renault’s value brand in the list, the other being the Dacia Duster at number three.

The Fiat 500X is at number two, while the Yeti Outdoor, the most rugged version of the Skoda’s high-value 4×4, is at number five. The odd car out in the Hot Five is the Chrysler Ypsilon, a Lancia hatchback rebadged for the UK that is around in low numbers but is attracting some interest from used car buyers thanks to its value and distinctive looks.

Rupert Pontin, Glass’s head of valuations, said: “The message to car manufacturers and buyers is simple – if you want to sell a used car easily and quickly, put a well-priced, family friendly 4×4 on the forecourt.

“In some ways, this is putting the car market of the last few years on its head. We have been told that what buyers want is brand, brand, brand and jangling the keys to a Dacia, Fiat or Skoda may not be so impressive as a BMW or a Mercedes but it would seem that people are clearly buying on looks, value and ability.

“Arguably, the Ypsilon is an indication of the same trend. While in the US, Chrysler has a fairly strong image, it is almost unknown here. Yet demand for this model is high, driven by the product and particularly the price.”


Commenting, Rupert Pontin said: “Still in the number one slot, Dacia have obviously got the Sandero Stepway just right in value and availability terms. While taking a little longer to sell than last month, the age and price suggest these are still ex rental or short term PCP cars coming back to the market with a sprinkling of demo units also in the mix.

“In second spot, the 500X provides an interesting contrast to the Dacia in terms of both cost and, more importantly, age. At 4.6 months average this indicates that there is a high proportion of ex demonstrator and probably pre-reg models being sold, although the key is that they are selling and moving fast. Great PCP deals will be driving the desirability and speed of sale.

“Dacia’s Duster claims third place and reinforces the strength of the budget brand in the retail buyers’ perception. At an average age of 18 months these look to be ex rental or early term PCP cars but either way they tick boxes as a great value funky looking soft roader.

“The Ypsilon as a fastest selling car is quite a turn-around as it used to feature as one of the slowest selling cars some 18 months ago. The distinctive looks turn heads and so does the price when one considers what you get for your money. There won’t be too many of these in the market either as they were never sold in great volumes when new.

“In many ways not surprising to see the Yeti in the Top 5 as numbers are limited, which helps the speed of sale. Alternative looks, a great drive and value for money makes these a must for the discerning private buyer. It is also interesting to see average age of just 12 months which suggests these are short term PCP cars coming to the market.”

About Glass’s Hot Five

Glass’s Hot Five is based on 300 models, all of which have been subject to more than 50 price observations over a four-week period. The set is then split by range, and an average is determined by the number of days that cars have been advertised on web portals. Published once a month, the Hot Five provides insight gleaned from GlassNet Radar, Glass’s live retail pricing system that provides up-to-the-minute pricing around the country. This looks at average selling times for used cars based on the number of days that cars tend to stay on the forecourt. Providing the most accurate analysis of retail observations around the country, Radar has been improving profitability for dealers since its launch last year.

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