John McGuinness supports TyreSafe message ahead of 2015 Isle of Man TT

TyreSafe has received support from motorsport in the message of Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness

Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness has lent his support to TyreSafe’s message to fans loading their bikes up and heading to the island this week. The tyre safety organisation said that the involvement of McGuinness, who has competed in the event since 1996 and has the second most race wins in its history, “highlights the importance” of its message. While TyreSafe has been successful in recruiting supporters from within the tyre industry and from institutions such as regional police forces, this shows even further growth into the world of motorsport. The 2015 TT starts on Saturday, with tens of thousands of riders and fans descending on the island to follow the two weeks of races.

“The detail we go into when we’re preparing the bike for a race is meticulous,” said McGuinness, who will this year be racing in his 19th Isle of Man TT. “We spend more time preparing the bikes than we do racing them. Everything has to be perfect and one missed detail can be the difference between winning and losing.

“Preparation is just as important for riders packing up to come and watch. When you’ve got panniers and pillion on your bike the way it will perform is going to change. The last thing you want is to have a drama on the way because you haven’t checked your tyres.”

TyreSafe has issued the following advice for fans travelling to the Isle of Man on their motorcycles.

  • If you are loading your motorcycle with luggage and pillion it is important to make sure the tyre pressure is correct as per the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • With increased weight the tyre can overheat, wear unevenly or even crack. This reduces tyre life, affects handling and fuel consumption
  • The correct pressure for your motorcycle can be found in the manufacturer’s handbook
  • Check your tyres’ visual condition, including tread depth, cracking of the tread or sidewall rubber, cuts, bulges or foreign objects
  • The legal minimum tread depth for motorcycles over 50cc is 1mm
  • If you spot a problem, or are unsure about anything, consult an expert before heading out

“John is a one of the most recognisable faces in TT racing,” added TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson. “It highlights the importance of our message that he has taken the time, this close to the start of the competition, to talk about tyre safety. As a professional rider, his experience of tyre performance and safety is extensive, and we are grateful to John for pointing out that proper safety preparation is important, regardless of whether you’re riding on a track or a public road.”

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