Trax wheel weights fitted on new Jaguar XE

Trax wheels weights are to be fitted on the new Jaguar XE from its launch in May

The new Jaguar XE, the so-called “baby” Jag series, will be fitted with Trax steel adhesive balance weights. With the launch scheduled for May, XE target sales are 100,000 cars a year. According to the wheel weight manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover has been fitting Trax steel adhesive weights for some years and the new Jaguar XE series is “welcomed additional business” for the UK-based company.

Trax engineering and quality director, Adam Watkin, said: “I am pleased that JLR are continuing to use Trax balance weights. We have been working with JLR engineering now for some years and it is good to see that they continue to support the company with new business.”


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