Pirelli acquisition proof of ChemChina’s vision and strength, says Heuver Tyrewholesale

Heuver Tyrewholesale, distributor of the Aeolus tyre brand in eight continental European markets, says it expects “many developments” now that its parent company ChemChina has acquired a share in Pirelli. Commenting on the transaction, director Bertus Heuver said “ChemChina is China’s largest tyre manufacturer and Aeolus Tyres is its leading international brand. We agreed import rights for Aeolus ten years ago, and immediately noticed their ambitions and willingness to make investments. So ChemChina’s decision to take over Pirelli is merely an extension of their existing philosophy and is proof of their vision and strength.

“This union between Aeolus – China’s largest tyre manufacturer – and the renowned European Pirelli will serve as an impetus to both brands. They will be able to exchange knowledge and expertise about their specialised sectors, which will give Aeolus extra opportunities to shine in the future,” Bertus Heuver continued.

Now that the two brands operate under the same flag, Heuver believes both Aeolus Tyres and Pirelli will be able to “adopt an even more prominent position in the competitive international tyre market.” Bertus Heuver added: “We are very proud to have supplied the Aeolus brand for so many years, and know them to be very determined and ambitious. And from this perspective, the takeover comes as no great surprise. But it is nice to be at the forefront of this endeavour. Naturally, we have already personally congratulated Mr Wang Feng – president of Aeolus Tyre Co. Ltd. and chairman of the China National Tyre & Rubber Co., which is also part of China’s largest tyre manufacturer, ChemChina – and his team about the takeover.”

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