Metzeler revises logo, unveils new brand slogan

The revised Metzeler logo

A new slogan and logo aim to reinforce Metzeler’s position as the “natural choice for true biking enthusiasts.” The Pirelli-owned marque has introduced the slogan “sharing independence”, and although this sounds an oxymoron it is intended to represent the individualism within a community that is a core element of the motorcycling experience for many, and a value that Metzeler says underpins its brand positioning. Metzeler tyres are, the manufacturer says, products that cater to “the community of bikers who are looking for high performance and reliable tyres capable of providing a fulfilling riding experience in any condition or situation.”

Accompanying the brand repositioning and new slogan is a revised Metzeler logo. As before, the new logo features the Metzeler name and the elephant that has been a brand symbol since 1905. But the blue rectangular background that framed it has been retired and a new, darker shade of blue has been introduced for the text and logo.

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