Advan V105 – Super-sport meets luxury

With a technical background that includes a stint as a motorsport technician working in the UK 30 years ago, Yokohama’s president went on to share further details of exactly how the new tyre surpasses its predecessor. To improve steering stability, a new “Matrix Body Ply Structure” was developed employing technology fostered through participation in world motorsports. According to the company, weight was reduced while rigidity was maintained, producing more agile handling and more comfortable ride, although this upgrade is not available on all sizes in the range. Meanwhile the asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern – inside for enhanced performance on wet surfaces, outside for dry – features a new compound created to provide “exceptional” grip.

According to Yokohama president and representative director, Hikomitsu Noji this means “increased high grade silica, three different polymers and orange oil…providing, strong dry and wet grip, while maintaining better rolling resistance capability.”

In addition there is a new mound profile designed to control block ground contact pressure, yield even stronger dry and wet grip. Asymmetrical pitch variations applied to the inside and outside of the tread pattern have been included to keep noise to a minimum. This is all said to follow Yokohama’s “technological development and promotion” strategy behind its motorsport involvement.

Mr Noji continued: “I can say that this is a super sport meets luxury tyre…This new Advan Sport V105 has two faces, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and it covers not only luxury cars like Mercedes Benz and Audi, but also the super sport car such as Aston Martin or Porsche.”

And here we have an indication of the strategy behind the development. Motorsport developments are not simply about development for development’s sake – it certainly is this too – but rather there is a definite strategic decision to go for OE. For Yokohama meeting high profile OE demands becomes the benchmark for its replacement products as well.


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