Best Choice Introduces New “Mazzini” Own Brand

At this year’s CITExpo, Best Choice International Trade didn’t just present a large portion of its existing range – visitors were also shown a new brand. By the end of the year this new line-up, produced under the “Mazzini Tyres” name, should be available in 13 sizes between 15 and 18-inches. As export manager Stephen Wu explained, the Mazzini brand will be separately positioned in the market to the company’s existing “Sunew” own brand. “We wanted a new brand for new customers,” elucidated Wu, stressing that the necessity to supply various distribution channels with a variety of brands. In light of this the company is looking around the world, particularly in Western Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, for new distributors.

At present Best Choice offers a core range of Mazzini tyres, the lynchpin of which is the asymmetrical tread “Eco-605”. Further down the line, tyres for up to 20-inch rim diameters will be released, the distribution agent’s export manager added. The brand is clearly one aimed at the budget segment, and Mazzini tyres are intended to offer dealers and end consumers “value for money”. Currently no plans are in place for further passenger car tyre designs, yet in the medium-term this should change. Other product lines, including 4×4 and truck tyres, are also offered under the new brand name. Their treads however differ from the Eco-605 – the designs belong to the manufacturer and thus are not exclusive Best Choice designs, Stephen Wu confirmed.

In addition to the above-mentioned Mazzini range, during CITExpo Best Choice introduced a further additions to its main “Sunew” own brand, such as a 15-inch, V-speed rated size for its YS112 UHP tyre. Together with the W-rated Sunew 618 some 28 sizes are now available worldwide. Incidentally, in spite of considerable problems in the US market since the implementation of tariffs against Chinese consumer tyres a year ago, Best Choice increased its turnover in 2009 by at least 30 per cent, the export manager added. Given that a large part of the US market more or less disappeared overnight, this growth has to no small extent occurred in the European tyre market, where Wu notes similar growth was experienced as in other export markets. Meanwhile, Best Choice is highly confident that further increases in sales and volumes won’t just be reached on the back of its newly introduced products and brands – in September 2010 the US tariff was reduced, and this is expected to stimulate business there. “Many US importers have adopted a wait and see approach,” comments Wu.

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