Cima Impianti investing in product innovation

Wednesday 28th September 2016 | 0 Comments


When retreaders around the world hear the name Cima Impianti, they think presses. After more than six decades in the business the company continues to drive innovation, and regularly unveils new products and services. As the Pistoia, Italy-based firm shares, it recently introduced presses which utilise self-lubricating materials that eliminate the need for centralised lubrication – a
system that itself was considered a major technical achievement when the company first implemented it some 25 years ago.

“These materials require no additional lubrication,” the company stresses. The most significant advantage self-lubrication offers is that it cuts out the risk of contamination to vulcanised rubber through contact with lubricant; the result is increased product quality. “This innovation, combined with our Eco-Line insulation and QMC (Quick Mould Change), represents the ultimate innovation in retreading presses.”

Cima Impianti not only produces and sells new facilities – it also increasingly offers retrofitting options for upgrading and modernising existing equipment. A key offer to this end is the integration
of a new electronic interface with the ‘old’ mechanical system. Retrofitting is particularly invaluable for autoclaves made by manufacturers that have since gone out of business and no longer provide assistance for keeping the equipment operational.

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