Maha DUO+1 behind Northern Ireland MOT problems

Maha Duo+1 scissor lift Maha Ireland has confirmed that the Maha DUO+1 scissor lift is the garage equipment at the centre of the Northern Ireland MOT crisis

Maha Ireland has confirmed that its Maha DUO+1 scissor lift is behind the Northern Ireland MOT crisis. The lift, which has been supplied to DVA centres across Northern Ireland and is also believed to have been supplied to NCT centres in the Republic of Ireland, suffering from cracking which resulted in the suspension of all car MOTS in Northern Ireland on 27 January 2020.

Maha Ireland declined to answer Tyrepress’s specific questions, but did provide the following statement:

“Maha Ireland is liaising with relevant stakeholders at present to investigate the condition of all scissor lifts model DUO+1 employed at MOT centres. On 27 February [sic] 2020, DVA suspended use of this lift model as a precautionary measure pending the outcome of inspections. The safety of product users is of paramount importance to Maha Ireland and we will continue to make every effort to mitigate potential risks. We do not propose to make any further comment pending the outcome of our investigations.”


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