Nynas showing low rolling resistance oil benefits at Tire Technology

Nynas is attending Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany, 25-27 February 2020 where the company is showing how tyres made with Nynas oils provide “low rolling resistance, reducing energy losses and fuel consumption, while maintaining wet grip for improved control on snow and ice.” Performance of naphthenic oil in winter tyres will also be examined in a presentation by Technical Advisor Dr. Kamyar Alavi, entitled “Get a grip: performance of naphthenic oil in winter tyres.”

Nynas naphthenic tyre oils are renowned for their positive contribution to rolling resistance – the force resisting motion when a body rolls on a surface – helping drivers conserve energy and fuel, and contributing to a more efficient drive.

“Tyres play an increasingly significant role as the fuel efficiency of cars is broken down into components. Through the benefits they offer, our oils add sustainable value for both manufacturers and drivers themselves,’’ says Dr. Herbert Fruhmann, Market Manager for Tyres.

“Our Nytex tyre oil range is specially designed to be flexible at low temperatures, while offering durability and reliability, so that drivers can reach their destination safely,’’ adds Dr. Fruhmann.

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