Titan International takes first step to Industry 4.0 capabilities with Oracle Cloud Applications

Titan International, Inc. has started moving its core business and manufacturing processes to Oracle Cloud Applications. With Oracle Cloud Applications for finance, supply chain and manufacturing, the tyre maker will be able to take advantage of an integrated suite of applications to break down silos, quickly and easily embrace the latest advancements in machine learning and Internet of Things technology, and improve user engagement, collaboration and performance.

To meet changing customer expectations and improve business performance, the Titan team decided it was time to replace their existing systems with a cloud-based platform that could improve visibility into core business processes, enhance reporting, reduce costs and improve production quality. After a careful evaluation, Titan selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud and Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud to meet these needs and take its first step in a journey towards Industry 4.0 capabilities and building a ‘smart’ factory.

“To better support our customers, we needed to move from multiple systems to a single platform that would give us better visibility into our business,” said Jeff Blattner, director of IT at Titan International. “We wanted to standardise on an ERP system that could grow with us and ensure our systems are always up-to-date. Oracle Cloud Applications gives us access to constant innovation and enables us to benefit from emerging technology, such as IoT, to gain an advantage over the market.”

With Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud, Titan will be able to take advantage of a single integrated cloud platform to break down organizational silos, standardise processes and manage financial, supply chain and manufacturing data. By automating manual processes and using data from sensors to improve insights into inventory, Titan’s production and shipping teams will save time by streamlining processes. A second phase will introduce this automation to more production areas. The final phase of the rollout will include machine monitoring on the shop floor so that Titan can better understand the health of its machines and do predictive maintenance to reduce disruption of production. Titan International is working with Deloitte to implement and deploy the new Oracle Cloud Applications.

“The potential of emerging technologies like IoT and machine learning in manufacturing is starting to be realised as organizations like Titan International move their core business applications to the cloud,” said Rick Jewell, senior vice president, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Applications, Oracle. “With a single platform for finance, supply chain and manufacturing data, Titan will be able to benefit from real-time visibility and responsiveness at every step of the production process – from raw materials to customer fulfilment. By delivering real-time data streams and predictive insights, Oracle Cloud Applications help customers improve business processes and achieve a quick ROI.”


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