Modul-System develops ultra lightweight workbench

Modul-System’s lightweight journey started in 2004, but is far from finished. Every kilo that can be saved on racking means an additional kilo for tools and other equipment in the vehicle. ”Our latest innovation is an ultra lightweight workbench”, says Thomas Johansson, vice president of Modul-System.

The new lightweight workbench is made from sandwich material and is approximately 60 per cent lighter than an equivalent product made from wood. A 1.5 metre long bench now weighs just 7kg, this means a weight saving of 12 kg in the vehicle when compared to the old version which weighed 19 kg. The core is made from extruded polystyrene (XPS), and the surface from fibreglass-reinforced polyester.

“This makes the product extremely robust and resistant to oils, chemicals and extreme temperatures”, Johansson explains.

In addition, the workbench is not sensitive to moisture, which can make wooden workbenches warp and change shape. The workbench has edge protection made from aluminium for extra robustness and also provides a nice finish. The edge of the workbench also has an integrated T-track which facilitates installation.

Working with sandwich materials is nothing new to Modul-System. For example, it is currently used in bulkheads and their flooring.

“The main advantage with sandwich materials is that you can get very robust yet lightweight products. It gives you the possibility to optimise the product properties by selecting a certain material”, says Thomas Johansson.

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