EZ-sensor 2.0 a Schrader focus at Tire Cologne

The “clearly superior” EZ-sensor 2.0 was prominently displayed on the Schrader stand

A highlight at The Tire Cologne for Schrader Performance Sensors, the automotive aftermarket brand of Sensata Technologies, was presenting its patented, programmable TPMS EZ-sensor 2.0. Schrader calls the EZ-sensor 2.0 its “preferred system” and says that in terms of flexibility and future viability, programmable sensors like the EZ-sensor 2.0 are “clearly superior” to other universal sensors (configurable sensors or sensors with pre-programmed app codes) available on the market. The recently-released black aluminium valve version of the EZ-sensor 2.0 was also on display.

In addition, Schrader presented its special offers on TPMS programming tools and EZ-sensor 2.0 bundles. Schrader booth visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about Schrader Academy training offers and win a free ‘TPMS Training for Experts’ by trying their luck at the Schrader Academy Wheel of Fortune. TPMS Training for Experts is the first and only TPMS training programme certified by DEKRA.

Schrader’s exhibition stand also showcased additional TPMS hand tools and various original equipment sensors. During the show, Schrader hosted several product presentations on its current and upcoming products and offered interactive games on-site as well through its Facebook page.

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