April comes early with pre-launch of Continental AncorContact

The presence of AncorStuds gives Continental's new tyre impressive braking distances

You’d be a fool not to look at the Continental AncorContact this April. At the start of the month, the tyre maker will launch a new tyre that will stop you in your tracks.

Pre-release information from Continental speaks of braking distances more than halved, with 100 to 0km/h stopping times of just 17 metres possible. This impressive performance, it explains, is made possible by so-called ‘AncorStuds’, 5mm wide anchor-like protrusions located within the tyre’s tread grooves. The AncorStuds are said to remain useful for the tyre’s entire lifespan and do not increase cabin noise, nor do they contribute to road wear. To warn other drivers of the AncorContact’s ability to stop cars within a much shorter than average distance, all AncorContact tyres will be sold with a warning sticker from Continental: ‘Keep your distance – anchor tyres’.

Following the official launch on 1 April, the AncorContact will be available in 15- to 17-inch dimensions from next Tuesday. Further sizes are currently being developed.

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