Pirelli – returning to a field near you

Prometeon Tyre Group isn’t maintaining a presence at this year’s Agritechnica, however that doesn’t mean the new Pirelli agricultural line is entirely absent from the show. Heuver Tyrewholesale is displaying the Pirelli PHP at its stand in its capacity as distributor of the Pirelli agricultural range in several European markets, including Benelux and Germany. A Heuver Tyrewholesale representative commented that negotiations to determine UK distribution rights were “still ongoing” at the time Agritechnica commenced.

After an absence of more than 17 years, Pirelli agricultural tyres are returning to our part of the world. The result of several years coordinated collaboration between the company’s research and development centres in Milan-Bicocca, Italy and the Prometeon factory in Santo Andrè, Brazil, where the range is produced, the Pirelli agricultural line-up destined for Europe is designed to meet the requirements of farmers here. The first product in the new range is the Pirelli PHP. Displayed by Heuver in size 710/70R 42, the PHP is available in 19 dimensions for 26- to 46-inch rim diameters.

Prometeon describes the Pirelli PHP as a premium segment agricultural tyre, a product “made using innovative design techniques to optimise the tread patterns, materials and tyre structures in order to meet the needs of European farmers in the best possible way.” According to the tyre maker, thousands of field and on-road testing hours in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands have confirmed the PHP range’s “extraordinary performance” in all Europe-specific conditions and applications.

“The Pirelli PHP products made for the European market stand out for their excellent traction, for an outstanding balance between operational efficiency in the field, high mileage on the road and low fuel consumption, as well as an excellent lifespan and even wear of the lug surfaces,” reports Prometeon. “Furthermore, Pirelli PHP performance on the road ensures maximum driving safety and vehicle stability, even in the harshest conditions.”

According to the manufacturer, the Pirelli PHP offers the following advantages:

Fuel saving: In difficult conditions, the highest level of traction is provided by the optimised design of the lug shape, the shoulder design (Pirelli has patented this) and the inter-lug area. Self-cleaning is said to be outstanding and traction good, and together with lower rolling resistance this allows for “significant fuel saving.”

Long-lasting: The tread design and lug geometry, together with a new generation of compounds, grant PHP “excellent performance” in terms of longevity and regularity of wear, making a significant contribution to reducing operating costs.

Less soil compaction: The dimensions of the footprint ensure less pressure on the ground, and casing flexibility provides good damping of the vertical forces, helping to ensure less soil compaction and the maximum yield.

Driver safety and comfort: The sidewall profile and structure have been designed to better balance vertical and lateral stiffness. Thanks to the most advanced CAD systems, footprint shape, contact pressure map and stress/strain on the lugs were thoroughly analysed, allowing shaping the best treat pattern in terms of both handling and comfort.

Torque transmission: As the Pirelli PHP is made to fit the heaviest tractors, the bead area geometry has been designed for a perfect torque transmission avoiding rim slippage and ensuring an easy fitting on the rim.


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