EICMA debut for latest Mitas scooter tyre range

A new Mitas scooter tyre line will be introduced at the EICMA motorcycle trade show in Milan next week. The Touring Force-SC is said to be “ideal for any scooter type” and is available in sizes for 10- to 16-inch rim diameters.

Describing the new range, Ksenija Bitenc, director of Mitas Motorcycle Tires and Tubes, shares that the Touring Force-SC “combines all the expertise we have acquired through the development of high performance radial motorcycle tyres and our involvement in scooter racing,” adding: “As a result, Touring Force-SC provides to all scooter riders and their passengers, safe, dynamic and comfortable riding, whether during a short city trip or for longer journeys as well.”

The tyre’s tread pattern was designed with urban use in mind, with a focus on water displacement and wear. Ending before the edge of the shoulder, the pattern is said to facilitate “optimum contact at maximum lean angles.” Ride comfort and handling also reportedly benefit from the design of the Touring Force-SC’s casing and the tread compound used. “The Touring Force-SC delivers great stability; precision on straights and bends and grip in all weather conditions,” shares Mitas Moto.

Bitenc concludes: “The unique tread compound of Touring Force-SC, using end-functionalised S-SBR elastomers together with high active reinforcing filler in combination with special resins, is a guarantee for high grip in wet and dry conditions. Riders start to feel this reliability and safety from the first moment on and through the whole lifetime of the tyre.”

The Touring Force-SC will be progressively rolled out next year and in 2019. Over time, the range will replace the current Mitas MC 13, MC 16, MC 18, MC 25, MC 26, MC 29, MC 28 and MC 38 line-ups.

Mitas Touring Force-SC sizes

April 2018 September 2018 April 2019
120/70-12 51L 90/90-10 50J 3.50-10 51P
120/70-12 58P REINF 100/80-10 53L 120/90-10 57L
130/70-12 56L 100/90-10 61J REINF 120/90-10 66L
130/70-12 64P REINF 130/70-10 59P REINF 130/90-10 61L
150/70-13 64S 140/70-12 65P REINF 110/70-12 47P
90/90-14 46P 110/90-13 56P 110/80-12 61L
100/90-14 57P REINF 130/60-13 53J 110/90-12 64P
120/80-14 58S 130/60-13 60P REINF 120/70-13 53L
140/60-14 64P REINF 130/70-13 63P REINF 120/70-13 53P
140/60-14 64S REINF 140/60-13 57L 80/80-14 53L REINF
140/70-14 68P REINF 140/60-13 63P REINF 80/80-14 43P REINF
140/70-14 68S REINF 80/90-14 40P 100/70-14 53L
120/70-15 56P 120/70-14 55L 110/80-14 59P REINF
120/70-15 56S 120/70-14 55P 140/70-15 69P REINF
100/80-16 50P 120/70-14 55S 80/80-16 45P REINF
110/70-16 52P 150/70-14 66S 90/80-16 51P REINF
110/70-16 52S 130/80-15 63P 120/70-16 57P
120/80-16 60P 80/90-16 48P REINF  
130/70-16 61P    
140/70-16 65P    
140/70-16 65S    


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