TRA joins All-Party Sustainable Resource Group

The Tyre Recovery Association has been accepted into membership of the Parliamentary All-Party Sustainable Resource Group (ASPRG), a cross-party group whose main purpose is to help parliamentarians fully engage with waste and sustainable resource policy issues.

“Issues relating to end of life tyre recovery are complex and challenging so it is important we work closely with parliamentarians and others in informing them of the options and opportunities open to us,” commented Peter Taylor OBE, secretary general of the Tyre Recovery Association. “Under the EU Landfill Directive, we are required to recover, reuse or recycle virtually 100 per cent of waste tyre arisings, an objective our industry has successfully met for more than a decade now. But if we are to maintain this creditable record we must do even more to foster best practice.

“We exist in an uncertain and sometimes inhospitable regulatory climate and so it is more important than ever that we play our part in properly reconciling the needs of the environment with the sustainability of our own waste stream and recovery infrastructure,” added Taylor. “As members of the of the APSRG we very much look forward to doing just that.”


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