Marangoni establishing new HQ in Turkey, anticipates greater market share

In addition to setting up a new warehouse in Istanbul, Marangoni Kauçuk is establishing a new head office in the city

Through its subsidiary Marangoni Kauçuk, Marangoni Retreading Systems has established a new warehouse and head office in Istanbul. From this site, Marangoni will both supply the Turkish city’s retreaders and its nationwide network.

Marangoni says the move places the company nearer its Turkish dealer network and also offers “significant logistical advantages.” When included in European retreading industry figures, Turkey is the sixth largest market and is second only to Germany in the pre-cure segment. With its Ringtread and Unitread ranges, Marangoni’s Turkish sales subsidiary Kauçuk Ticaret is said to enjoy an “impressive share” of the domestic market. Marangoni expects Kauçuk Ticaret’s market share to grow even further following the move to the new site in Istanbul.

Nejat Dagdemir, who has served as general manager of Marangoni Kauçuk since 2014, when the company expanded its Turkish operation, will head the firm’s new offices and logistics warehouse in Istanbul following the move from Izmir. He comments: “Beside the new outsourced storage facility, we take advantage of a complete inland delivery service with warehousing capability in 15 cities across Turkey. Our major investment on an advanced warehouse management system supported by radio frequency communications and automatic ID technologies, such as RFID, will improve the service to our customers.”

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