VT220: Vipal introduces another 3PMSF winter tread

Tuesday 7th March 2017 | 0 Comments
Vipal VT220
Vipal VT220

Vipal Rubber has launched a new winter tread in European and Northern Hemisphere markets. Called the VT220, the tread is 3PMSF certified and suited to medium and long-haul use.

According to the manufacturer, the VT220 tread pattern provides excellent performance on muddy and wet surfaces thanks to its transverse grooves that give the tread blocks added stability, which in turn improves traction. The deep tread grooves are also said to aid the tread’s self-cleaning capabilities, which maximises adhesion on snowy or muddy surfaces.

The VT220 is the third Vipal tread to be ‘snowflake’ approved – the manufactural gained 3PMSF certification for its VT160 and VDA4 treads last year.

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