Landsail ‘the smart choice’ for UK SUV drivers

The Landsail CLV2 tyre specialises in on-road 4x4 applications

Landsail tyres, which are exclusively distributed by Grouptyre in the UK, are being marketed as “the smart choice” for UK SUV drivers.  Within the highly competitive SUV/4×4 sector, Landsail offers a range of sizes – among them the CLV1 and CLV2.

The Landsail CLV1 4×4 /SUV tyre is specifically designed for smooth on-road driving performance with enhanced stability, traction and efficiency. A few important features and benefits include longitudinal grooves and sipes for maximum water displacement, a special outer block arrangement that reduces road noise and a strong shoulder pattern that guarantees impressive cornering and stability.

Zigzag grooves efficiently disperse water at high speeds and a solid continuous centre rib gives straight line driving stability with sipes that further improve high speed performance. The large shoulders provide a contact patch for cornering and stability while also dissipating heat generated by the tyre leading to prolonged tread life.

The Landsail CLV2 tyre specialises in on-road 4×4 applications and ensures a reassuring drive performance in all weather and road conditions. The diversely distributed tread blocks increase dampening characteristics while the tapering outer blocks assist sensitive and responsive cornering for a sporty drive. The enhanced compound provides extra grip in all weather conditions.

Leigh Melling, brand manager at Landsail Tyres said: “Manufactured using the newest technology in a state of the art facility, Landsail Tyres have redefined quality, performance and value – that’s why millions of UK and Irish drivers have chosen to trust Landsail.”


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