Positive results from NFDA consumer survey

Over two thirds of respondents (71 per cent) described franchised dealers as professional, in the latest National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) Consumer Attitude Survey, while 67 per cent viewed them as knowledgeable. Positively, 63 per cent of surveyed consumers also considered franchised dealers reputable and the same percentage described franchised dealerships as a place with good customer service.

“The objective of the Consumer Attitude Survey is to explore consumers’ perceptions of franchised dealerships and it is positive to see that the majority of respondents viewed franchised dealers as professional, knowledgeable, and reliable,” said Sue Robinson, director of the NFDA.

The Consumer Attitude Survey was commissioned to research consumer attitudes towards servicing and repair in the retail automotive sector. 1,000 consumers across the UK were polled in a 15-minute online survey by Public Knowledge.

The survey was undertaken to explore current market perception of franchised dealers and competitors, understand consumer aftersales behaviour, examine factors influencing consumer aftersales decision making, and determine consumer opinions of the aftersales services offered by dealers.

Robinson concluded: “The survey has provided us with a number of extremely valuable insights across different areas of servicing and repair in the industry. These findings should not only help dealers to realise what their strengths are, but also to shape their future strategies in order to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.”

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