New Hankook steer tyre provides answer to the load maximisation quandary

Thursday 30th June 2016 | 0 Comments
Keep it under a metre with 50 series tyres
Keep it under a metre with 50 series tyres

Cross-channel and European fleet operators running trucks fitted with 60 to 80 series tyres can find it a challenge to utilise the maximum three metre trailer inner load without exceeding the legally permissible total height of four metres. A reduced inner load means a loss in capacity and lower journey revenues. Fitting 50 series tyres can help operators achieve optimal internal dimensions while staying below the four metre limit, and Hankook Tire is catering to demand for such products with its latest release, the size 355/50 R22.5 Hankook AL10+ e-cube MAX.

The steer tyre was developed in this size to enable its use on jumbo trucks engaged in long-distance operations, and its load index of 156 allows for up to eight tonnes to be loaded onto an axle. The tyre’s smaller diameter lowers the tractor unit’s coupling height, with the result that the inner load height increases and the three-metre loading platform can be fully utilised.

The AL10+ e-cube MAX is complemented by the DL10+ e-cube MAX drive axle tyre and the TL10+ e-cube MAX trailer tyre.

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