Marangoni focusing on Retreading Systems business at Reifen 2016

The Ringbuilder 3003 and Blackline will be two highlights at the Marangoni stand

At this year’s Essen show, the Marangoni Group will focus on its primary core business, Retreading Systems, and also highlight its Ringtread system. The company says it will use its exhibition space (Hall 3, Stand 3C42) to “confirm the important role of high-quality retreaded truck tyres along the value chain of the transportation industry” and these products’ “environmental value.”

Marangoni is bringing its Ringbuilder 3003 to Reifen 2016, and the company says this will present “a great occasion” to demonstrate how its extensive experience and knowledge can result in advanced retreading solutions that optimise time and manpower in order to “supply the best retreaded truck tyres in the world.”

The retreading specialist will also present new tread patterns for the ‘Blackline’ series within its Ringtread product range. Marangoni says these products feature “brand new technology” that allows for a “highly customisable sidewall.”

The Italian firm believes that Reifen 2016 will offer an opportunity for it to give its partners the right impetus to better address market challenges. With its new communications project, Impulse, Marangoni will promote the solutions its products, technologies and tools offer.

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