Pirelli to discuss tyre development for 2017 with F1 stakeholders

Pirelli states that it is “delighted” to host a meeting of the key Formula One stakeholders. The tyre maker will hold the meeting at its headquarters in Milan next week in order to discuss target tyre performance guidelines in the light of the 2017 regulations.

“Pirelli sees this meeting as being of vital importance in order to further consolidate the close collaboration that got underway last year with the FIA, FOM, and the drivers,” shared the company in a statement. “Of the more than 250 championships in which Pirelli takes part worldwide, Formula One is the biggest challenge.

In May 2015, the F1 Strategy Group proposed measures to make F1 cars five to six seconds a lap quicker by changing rules pertaining to tyre width, vehicle weight and aerodynamics. Pirelli foresees that the complexity of tyre-related technical issues will grow as a result of this aim, and this in turn will make it necessary to conduct additional on-track testing.

“This is a factor that has been extremely limited in recent years, despite the important evolution of the cars and subsequent increase in performance,” notes Pirelli. “All these are vital steps towards tyre development that takes into account the future evolution of the cars and added performance, which will be particularly notable in 2017. This will allow an even more effective use of the advanced technology that makes Pirelli the world leader in performance tyres.”

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