Exide launches aftermarket start-stop battery range

Marco Wittmann, DTM champion 2014, unveils the new Exide battery range at Automechanika

The start-stop batteries Exide Technologies developed for original equipment customers are now available in the aftermarket. This new replacement range, unveiled at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt, Germany, includes all the features from Exide’s current original equipment generation and is said to offer “significant performance gains.”

According to the manufacturer, the new absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery delivers four times the cycle life, 20 per cent more power and three times greater charge acceptance than a standard battery. This is achieved through high-performance materials and state-of-the-art technology, including advanced lead-tin alloys, high-surface glass mat separators and unique carbon additives. The new Exide EFB battery shows similarly impressive gains.

Start-stop vehicles already make up 15 per cent of the cars on European roads, and this will reach 50 per cent within just five years. Exide has been investing in its own plants to compete in this market for a considerable period of time. The company invented the first start-stop AGM battery in 2004 and the first EFB battery in 2008.

Major performance gains have also been achieved in Exide’s conventional battery line-up. The new Premium Carbon Boost recharges up to 1.5 times faster and delivers 30 per cent more starting power. Exide says this is a result of its new Carbon Boost technology, a key breakthrough from the company’s research and development facility.

When a standard battery discharges, sulphate particles build up on the negative plate, forming a non-conductive layer that inhibits recharging. Exide’s Carbon Boost dissolves these particles by incorporating proprietary carbon additives into the negative plates, increasing conductivity. This greatly improves charge acceptance and charging times.

Exide also redesigned its labels for the new range; these labels feature a QR code and short URL to ensure information about the product may be easily obtained. In addition, customers looking for the right product from the new range can use Exide’s Battery Finder app. They enter their registration number, car model or VIN to see a list of matching parts, and can then narrow their search based on battery performance and typical usage scenarios.

“The new range is the most technically advanced on the aftermarket,” said Craig Everett, UK marketing manager, Exide Technologies. “We combined world-class R&D with the experience we have gained working with the world’s leading car makers.”

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