Maxxis aims to grow UK truck tyre market share

Maxxis is gearing up for a push in the truck tyre sector. According to company representatives, the manufacturer has made great strides in increasing passenger car, commercial vehicle and two-wheel sales since entering the UK market, but following ongoing developments in R&D, heavy vehicle drivers will now also benefit from performance, range and pricing advantages unique to Maxxis.

The recently expanded Maxxis range now includes the MD816 and the MA299, which means most of the trucks and buses operating in UK roads are covered. The MD816 has been designed with a large and deep block pattern to help increase driving stability, as well as offer drivers excellent braking performance. Under heavy loads the block pattern’s large contact patch provides even wear for longer tread life, and fewer trips to the workshop. A specially designed tread compound reduces rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency, making them ideal for any operation whose aim is to get its load from A to B as safely and cost effectively as possible.

The MA299 has been designed for commercial vehicle drivers travelling both short and long distances. This clever tyre has been engineered to replace dual alternatives, with its low-heat compound and extra durable casing all adding to the cost benefits of this latest addition to the Maxxis range.

As well as being designed to be hardwearing and have decreased rolling resistance for lower fuel bills, Maxxis tyres come with a lifetime guarantee that will offer a replacement if there are any manufacturing or material defects, or if irreparable damage is caused during normal use. The truck tyre range is made to handle the punishing weight of heavy loads without compromising on grip or ride comfort, making it the perfect choice for dealers and drivers alike.


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