VMI adds segmented safety zones to MAXX tyre builder

VMI says the MAXX ActiZones makes traditional safety systems look old school

The MAXX, first introduced in 2008, is VMI’s top of the range tyre building machine. Designed for hands-off and eyes-off production and equipped for robotised bead loading and green tyre removal, the MAXX is capable of producing an average of 2,000 tyres a day. VMI claims that code and size changes can be performed quickly when using the MAXX, and the fully automatic unit is set up for easy manual intervention should the need arise.

Now VMI has introduced the latest development in the MAXX series, the MAXX ActiZones. This new-generation machine features segmented safety zones, which means that if an operator needs to make any adjustments to the machine, only the relevant operating area will be isolated. The rest of the machine will continue operating, further optimising output and making, says VMI, traditional safety systems ‘old school’.

VMI will present the MAXX ActiZones at the Tire Technology Expo in Cologne, Germany between 11 and 13 February 2014.


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