Is the sun setting in the East?

4th October 2011 | 0 Comments
Is the sun setting in the East?

Much has happened in the European tyre market in recent times. Last year’s introduction of the REACH regulations has been of particular interest, as is the run-up to November 2012’s tyre labeling. The second of these has been interpreted by many Chinese tyre makers and distributors as being, in practical terms, a trade barrier intended to make entry into Europe more complicated and expensive. Yet the Chinese appear to be responding pragmatically to the ‘problem’ of Europe. During the CITExpo show in Shanghai the opinion was often voiced that no real problem as such exists, rather a challenge to overcome. And as hardly anyone in China doubts success in this area, in future established western manufacturers in our part of the world can expect the presence of even more competitive, driven Chinese companies.

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