Avon Tyres supports 6-time gold medallist Hoy in Caterham Seven Donut Challenge

Thursday 9th November 2017 | 0 Comments

Sir Chris Hoy with Caterham 620R
Sir Chris Hoy with Caterham 620R

Avon Tyres and Caterham marked 60 years of the car manufacturer’s Seven as Sir Chris Hoy took on a 60 Second Donut Challenge at Donington Park. Hoy completed a record 19 consecutive donuts in the time allocation in Caterham’s most powerful model, the Seven 620R on Avon’s ZZS tyres.

The 620R was the chosen Seven for the record attempt, as its supercharged 2.0 litre Ford Duratec engine and limited slip differential made the best combination for successive spins. The ultra-high performance Avon ZZS tyre is a road legal track tyre and the control tyre for several Caterham Motorsport championships.

“Everyone knows I spend a lot of time in cars these days but I’ve never had much practice donuting,” admitted Sir Chris. “But when someone tells me there’s a record up for grabs that certainly focuses my mind.

“During the attempt I just kept going, putting everything I’d learnt into practice. You lose sense of time when you’re in a spin, so I was shocked when I was told I’d completed 19 in 60 seconds – it was more than I expected.”

The new donut record concludes an epic year of celebrations for the Seven following the launch of two limited-edition and Avon-shod models created for the anniversary: the retro Seven Sprint and gentleman’s racer Seven Supersprint. Both cars went on to sell out in record time – the Seven Sprint in seven days and Seven SuperSprint in an incredible seven hours – while Caterham recently confirmed their best sales year since 1996 with over 600 orders made.

Graham Macdonald, Caterham’s chief executive officer, said: “When we entered the Seven’s 60th anniversary celebrations we knew we wanted it to be a milestone year. However, we didn’t realise it would be a record breaking year on so many different counts. Topping off the year, after such a strong sales performance, with a record from an Olympic icon is quite a way to round it all off.”

Avon Tyres’ Motorsport general manager, Paul Coates added: “We already knew that the ZZS and the Caterham Seven worked in perfect harmony, but this sounded like too much of a challenge for us to turn down. Thankfully, our faith in the ZZS product was justified – the tyre stood up well to what is an unusually harsh experience.”

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