Tyrepal targets caravan owners with TPMS insurance discount incentive

Monday 18th April 2016 | 0 Comments

Caravan Guard insurance customers could be entitled to a 5 per cent discount if they take TyrePal TPMS
Caravan Guard insurance customers could be entitled to a 5 per cent discount if they take TyrePal TPMS

Caravan and motor home insurance specialist, Caravan Guard now offers a five per cent discount on its touring caravan insurance for TyrePal customers. After noticing a spike in insurance claims related to tyre blowouts in August 2015, Caravan Guard chose to introduce the discount to reward safety-conscious caravan owners that currently use a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

In the summer months, over 90 per cent of tyre-related insurance claims are due to tyre blowouts, with the average caravan repair cost sitting at £2,500. No matter how experienced, a tyre blowout can still cause drivers to lose control, putting themselves and their passengers at risk, particularly on busy roads and motorways.

“The main reason for introducing the discount is to promote safe caravan towing,” explained Liz Harrison, PR and communications officer at Caravan Guard. “Using a TPMS when towing allows drivers to be aware of their tyre pressure and prevent dangerous situations. It’s important for drivers to realise that, if a tyre blowout was to occur on a busy motorway stretch, they’re not only putting themselves at risk, but other road users too. Blowouts are more common in the summer months, because of high surface temperature. This, combined with an increased number of caravans on the road can be fatal.”

“It’s been proven that tyre pressure monitoring systems improve road safety, but this isn’t the only advantage of using a TPMS,” commented Peter Tillotson, business development manager of TyrePal. “Tyre pressure monitoring systems can also reduce breakdowns and associated repair costs, increase tyre lifespan and decrease fuel usage.”

TPMS legislation could extend to caravans

The 2015 European legislation ensuring all new domestic vehicles are fitted with TPMS doesn’t extend to caravans yet, but TyrePal expects it to in the next few years.

In any case, consumers seem to want Caravan’s included. In a recent poll carried out by Caravan Guard, 73 per cent of customers agreed that tyre pressure monitoring systems should be fitted as standard to all new caravans and motor homes.

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