Tyres & Accessories Magazine June 2021

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UHP Tyres

The ultra-high performance tyre segment is increasingly unwieldly, with an ever-greater share of the overall car tyre market. The recent high-profile launches of so-called ultra-ultra-high performance premium tyres targeting higher value fitments, mostly for rim sizes of 19” and above, has further emphasised the deficiencies of the label in a European segment that could be said to be more UHP than not. The fast growth of electric cars, supported by coercive legislation, with their general preference for larger rims, also show how – more than ever – it is important for tyre manufacturers to be able to communicate product features and qualities beyond segmentation. In the June 2021 issue, representing 75 years of Tyres & Accessories, we look at the evolving shape of the UHP tyre segment, as well as its the latest products.

More than a fleeting opportunity

While Tyres-as-a-Service (Taas) is now coming of age in the passenger car tyre retail side of the business, TaaS arguably finds its roots in the fleet tyre trade. The wide-spread adoption of pence-per-kilometre (otherwise known as PPK or CPK – cost per kilometre) contracts means that both TaaS and PPK put the pre-sale of premium products front and centre. However, fleet contracts bring with them the massive advantage of scale, something that is all-the-more important for business planning in the kinds of challenging post-Covid economic circumstances the tyre  business is currently encountering. That’s why June’s 75th anniversary edition takes a closer look at the fleet tyre business in general, emphasising the trends and opportunities demonstrated by the tyre-buying habits of the biggest fleets out there.

75th anniversary of Tyres & Accessories

Celebrate a new landmark issue of the leading independent magazine for tyre and wheel professionals. This feature includes a look at T&A’s past, present and future, a look at other 2021 anniversaries in the wider tyre industry, the oldest UK tyre retailer, and the longest-serving tyre fitter in the country.

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