Tyres & Accessories Magazine, February 2021

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I Car Tyres I

The travails of 2020 caused huge disruption in the car tyre segment. The damage to the original equipment segment is clear from European and UK declines in car registrations – though the effects on each individual market were not uniform. German registrations were only a fraction worse-off, for example, while the worst affected major market was Spain at 35 per cent down. The UK was among the worst off too, with a 29.4 per cent drop. The effect of national lockdowns on car utilisation was stark in the spring. But with policies and attitudes to public transport evolving as the pandemic’s waves unfurled, miles driven by private cars were sufficient to keep tyre retailers relatively sanguine. There is no doubt that the UK market especially continues to face further challenges as national lockdown 3.0 specifically instructs people to stay home. Having delayed tyre product cycles last year, Tyres & Accessories looks at how car tyre manufacturers will tackle the continuing uncertainty in 2021, as preparations begin for the next phase of the global pandemic response.

I Motorcycle Tyres I

The market for new scooters and motorcycles was robust in 2020 despite lockdowns and restrictions, with sales helped along by commuters anxious to avoid public transport. Healthy demand was also seen in the motorcycle tyre aftermarket and plenty of interesting new product has arrived of late, but in some cases global shipping issues have thrown a spanner into the works. Next month we take a look at the latest crop of twowheel tyres that riders – barring unforeseen hiccups – will be fitting to their bikes in 2021.

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