Tyres & Accessories Magazine August 2021

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All-Season and Winter Tyres

The latest all-season tyre technologies offer Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified winter performance with, at worst, a lower degree of compromise in summer season performance. In a UK replacement market seeing market  share trends amplified by pandemic conditions, this has meant impressive growth in the value and size of this segment, boosted in particular by the mobility demands of drivers in another growth segment, SUVs. European markets have responded in similar ways to the most recent all-season product developments too. These developments have made winter tyres an even more obscure niche in UK market terms, though seasonal tyre changes remain mainstream in certain continental Europe markets. Ahead of the winter season Tyres & Accessories  looks at these two market segments in more detail.


A recent survey of 15,000 asked about electric vehicles and attitudes towards the vehicle type. 25 per cent of garages were currently trained on how to service and repair electric vehicles and a further 53 per cent of garages were interested in embracing training on EVs. Whether they are EVs or not, diagnostics is now an integral part of vehicle servicing and often tyre changing – due to TPMS and ADAS interconnectivity. At the same time, there is an increasing trend towards DIY diagnostics. The August edition of Tyres & Accessories looks at all of this in more detail in a bid to help you – ahem – diagnose what may help your business grow in this increasingly technological field.

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