Alliance 321 Plus tyre for backhoes & compact wheel loaders

Alliance 321 Plus

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has introduced a new range of heavy-duty tyres for backhoes and compact wheel loaders. It’s called the Alliance 321 Plus, and this R-4 cross-ply tyre range is now available in nine sizes.

Key features of the Alliance 321 Plus include high tread depth, robust tread design, wide lugs and heat resistant compounds. ATG says these qualities result in high levels of traction, strong resistance against damage and wear, along with excellent durability.

“As a diagonal industrial R-4 tyre, the new Alliance 321 Plus complements our tyre portfolio with a premium offering that ensures smooth and efficient operations of backhoe and compact wheel loaders under all circumstances. Heat resistant compounds provide for excellent durability even under challenging heavy-duty conditions,” comments Angelo Noronha, president EMEA at Alliance Tire Group.

Development engineers at Alliance Tire Group particularly focused on the tread design: It features a high tread depth for an extended non-skid-depth tyre life along with optimum performance. Wide lugs were chosen for improved resistance against buckling, tearing and cracking, whilst narrow gaps prevent stones becoming caught between the lugs. As the Alliance 321 Plus was originally developed for warmer regions such as the Middle East, Africa and India, heat resistant compounds were used – thus also ensuring the tyre’s heavy-duty capabilities in temperate climate zones.

The Alliance 321 Plus range includes the following sizes: 12.0/70-16, 12.5/80-18, 15.5/60-18 and 17.5/65-20 as well as 380/80-24 (14.9-24), 440/80-24 (16.9-24), 480/80-24 (18.4-24), 480/80-26 (18.4-26) and 440/80-28 (16.9-28).

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