Tyrata: IntelliTread works in aircraft tyre lab tests

Tyre sensor developer Tyrata reports that it has demonstrated that its patented IntelliTread Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) measures aircraft tyre tread depth in a laboratory setting. Next, Tyrata plans to carry out additional durability and in-tyre sensor field tests.

Aircraft tyres endure extreme operating conditions, and determining tread thickness in real-time will provide ground crews and aircraft tyre manufacturers with additional information to maintain tyre health for performance and safety, the technology company said.

Aaron Franklin, Tyrata’s chief technology officer, stated: “Aircraft tyres vary significantly in construction, structure, and material compounds from automotive and truck tyres. Although we need to proceed with further testing, the initial IntelliTread ITS data is very encouraging.”

Tyrata is developing a suite of tread-depth measurement systems and cloud-based analytical tools to address customer needs for tyre tread wear monitoring and the associated analytics. The tools range from fleet deployments in local centres or depots to solutions for consumer, ridesharing, aircraft, and other applications. Tread-depth reports will be provided in real-time, anytime and anywhere.

Details of the Tyrata product will be available at the Traction Summit 2019 later this month.


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