98 per cent of UK drivers say they love their cars this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, 98 per cent of the UK’s drivers are spending it with something they love, even if this is a vehicle. Maybe this is because for eight out of ten drivers, cars give them a sense of freedom and for four out of ten, it never lets them down? Both things which cannot always be said of real-life relationships.

Over 800 UK drivers, surveyed by InsuretheGap, a provider of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance, enjoy just being on their own with their car where they can choose the music (33 per cent) and sing at the top of their voice (24 per cent).

For some it was love at first sight, as over a quarter (28 per cent) bought the car as a present to themselves because they love driving. While others’ love is more practical with over half (56 per cent) saying it is better than getting the bus and allows them more control over travel times (42 per cent).

For almost a third (30 per cent) of drivers, their car is also a major stress-reliever where they can escape the stresses of everyday life.

Describing their romantic liaison/ bond with their cars, friendship and family is a common theme for drivers, for example:

  • “It’s part of me. It’s my friend”
  • “It’s an old trusted friend that tries hard not to let me down.”
  • “It’s like an old friend that’s been with me for years – comfortable and reliable”
  • “It’s a part of my family”
  • “I love my car because it is a reliable and trusted friend”

And for some it is pure, unadulterated love that is hard to argue with, for example:

  • “It’s bright yellow and reminds me of the sunflower fields in Spain my boyfriend and I drove through when we had just met, so reminds me how much I love him.”
  • “It’s beautiful, powerful and makes every journey an event”
  • “I love my car it is my space”

“Romancing your Audi, Qashqai or BMW might not be high on most people’s lists on Valentine’s Day, but there’s is no doubt that we Brits love our cars. They’re a safe haven from everyday life and are much lower maintenance than most love affairs; and at least there will be no strops when you bring back tired roses or chocolates from the garage!” said Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer, InsuretheGap.com.


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